By M.C. Capocci

He wants something from her. He wants to own her. 
Olivia Summer has a hot mess of a life, but she’s clear on one thing: she hates men. Darius Rothschild is a domineering hot jerk with the habit of getting what he wants when he wants. Colliding together for Christmas is a recipe for trouble. Giving into their desires will be an inevitable fight between power and surrender because they can’t control their growing hate and hunger for each other. They are meant to burn until there is nothing left but ashes.

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About the author

“Tell us a story, that’s our favorite hobbie”

M.C. Capocci is the pen name of two sisters who love to write. They grew up surrounded by books and after many years, they decided to build their dream of becoming authors together, with the same mission: to make readers feel and ultimately inspire them.

One sister is fearless and passionate, digesting life through writing and is vulnerable in sharing stories that bleed. The other sister is analytical, with a keen eye for detail and a talent for crafting plot twists that leave readers breathless. 

“I am enjoying the development of the characters of this story. The plot twists and turns in unexpected ways, making me look forward to reading the next chapter time and time again.”

amarii @inkitt

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M.C. Capocci

On the sizzling flames of hate and desire, they are meant to burn until there is nothing left but ashes…

M.C. Capocci

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